What We Deliver

A passion for business. A track record of success.

Marketing & Communications

The Alteris Group approach to driving positive business outcomes revolves around our focus on creating meaningful dialogue between brands and their customers. For us, that means gaining a deep understanding of our client’s objectives and opportunities – then creating smart, effective solutions that deliver on those goals.

Our clients rely on us for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • B2B Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • New Product Launches
  • Video Production
  • Experience Marketing
  • Employee Engagement
  • Market Research
  • Media Planning/Buying


Strategic Planning

Insight drives innovation. Our passion for delivering measurable business results starts here. Alteris Group’s in-house and networked team of planners and industry experts design solutions that target the right audience with the right message – at the right time.

B2B Marketing

At Alteris Group, business is our specialty. When it comes to effectively communicating your message to other businesses, no one does it better. We start with business intelligence to develop the insights that move marketing plans forward. Our creative team translates those insights into engaging and effective solutions. Because of our “multi-channel” capability, Alteris Group is truly agnostic when it comes to selecting the right media for your message. We create integrated marketing campaigns that span the entire breadth of the communications spectrum – from web, to experiential to point of sale and more.

Digital Marketing

The Alteris Group digital team is the right choice for website design, mobile apps, email marketing, digital signage and interactive point of sale solutions. Whether the need is B2B, consumer or internal communications, Alteris Group can craft a digital solution that pays dividends. We deliver digital projects ranging from complete corporate websites to campaign specific microsites. Our team can handle data-driven applications, content management systems and business portals from concept to completion. Read more about our Digital Solutions.

New Product Launches

When the challenge is how to deliver a rigorously coordinated marketing strategy that guides consumers into the sales funnel, a well-prepared sales force and an effective set of merchandising tools, Alteris Group is the “all of the above” answer to this question. We deliver integrated strategies and smart tactical plans that result in successful product launches – and the means to sustain launch momentum. Whether the need is for dealer communications, point of sale solutions, sales force preparation or consumer activation we have been there and done that.

Experience Marketing

We use experiences to help brands deliver key messages to their customers, dealers and employees. Experiential immersions into new products, services or culture change initiatives are part of the Alteris Group DNA. We have helped clients across a range of industries create the environment needed to spur sales, launch products and evolve their brands.

Employee Engagement

When the people who deliver your brand experience aren’t engaged, the upstream investment is seriously undermined. Even in our digitally enabled world, person-to-person touch points with your brand are critical – and failure to deliver engaged, knowledgeable employees to the equation can be a game changer. That’s why our approach to ensuring success in this critical aspect of a brand’s performance is multi-faceted.

We know engagement only really occurs when employees have all the tools they need to succeed including information, knowledge, skills, motivation and incentives. The Alteris Group approach sees to it that these basics are delivered before moving on to the rest of the engagement “to do” list.

We have helped customers in a wide range of verticals improve the engagement and productivity of their workforces including corporate employees, field sales organizations and retail personnel. Whether it is training and development, engagement strategies, employee communications or measuring the results, Alteris Group is uniquely positioned to deliver.

Market Research

Before the brand building communications strategy, before the new product launch, before everything else, understanding the marketplace our clients occupy is key to the Alteris Group approach. We can help uncover current misalignments between offering and audience as well as discovering the untapped potential of new products or services.

Media Planning/Buying

Planning where and when to impact your customer and placing that media effectively is the final critical step in your B2B marketing. Whether your needs are online, traditional or a combination, Alteris Group has the skill set necessary to make media plans and buys that make sense for your bottom line.