Our consultants engage with you to develop and implement solutions. Our work isn’t done until your work gets easier.

Performance Consulting

Our Performance Consulting practice is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business goals by developing the effectiveness of their employees. It is our experience that most often, poor or unsatisfactory job performance is caused by a lack of one or more of six key influencers of employee and organizational success:

  • New Employee Acclimation
  • Clear Job Expectations and Availability of Related Resources
  • Plan for Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Consistent Feedback and Coaching from Managers
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Learning Strategies

What is blocking your organization from reaching its business goals? Do employees need new skills; is an outdated process sabotaging progress; do managers need to become leaders?

Alteris Performance Consultants are expert at identifying the barriers to exceptional employee job performance and, most importantly, the solutions to eliminate them. But we don’t stop there….our consultants remain engaged with you to develop and implement the solutions. In short, our work isn’t done until your work gets easier!

Workforce Development

The workplace is a changing landscape, requiring employees to not only refresh their skills, but develop new capabilities. Our Instructional Designers take the time to understand the skills that your employees must have today and tomorrow to assure business success. Then, they focus on meeting both the tactical and strategic training needs of your organization …..from a learning experience targeted to development of a specific skill to a full curriculum architecture to support the continuous professional development of your workforce.

Regardless of the type of learning experience, e.g. workshop, eLearning, or mobile learning, you can count on Alteris Group training solutions to prepare your employees to successfully execute their job related responsibilities.

Power Aids for Performance Support

Learning is a process that goes beyond a formal learning experience. In fact, much of what employees need to know to do their jobs well is acquired by employees informally, when they need information. Alteris Group Power Aids are designed to support on-demand, continuous learning and on the job results.

Our clients rely on Power Aids as a resource (digital and/or print) to support employee success, accessible to them at the moment of need. They can be easily embedded into work processes and delivered via mobile technology for anytime access whenever an employee needs guidance to successfully execute a job-related task.


Alteris Group Facilitators design and lead meetings and training sessions that engage participants in extraordinary ways using a combination of the following techniques:

  • Engage – gain participant interest
  • Motivate – demonstrate content relevance
  • Link - connect participants’ current experience with new topics to be discussed
  • Inform – stimulate desire to learn and discuss new ideas
  • Guide – demonstrate how new content can be applied to the current situation
  • Practice – give participants the opportunity to try out new ideas
  • Feedback – coach participants to take meeting output and implement on the job

When you need to bring people together to learn, to discuss, to problem-solve, to identify and commit to action, and to build community, Alteris Group Facilitators will plan and lead your meeting or training session with assurance of achieving specific outcomes.