Digital Strategy

At Alteris Group we strive to be a digital development partner for our clients. We consult with you and listen to your needs to recommend solutions that work.

What We Deliver



Current State
  • Audience insight
  • Current activity metrics (if available)
  • SEO metrics (if available)
  • Marketing communications
  • Competitive audit
  • Social platform integration
 Desired State
  • Audience objectives
  • Vision and corporate objectives
  • Define strategies to achieve objectives
  • Implement new technologies to reach new audiences
 Action Plan
  • Tactical roadmap and strategy
  • Customer and business requirements
  • Technical specifications
  • User interface/ creative content
  • Program, test and launch solutions
  • Measure and develop an iterative plan for improvement and optimal results

Website Design and Development

Websites are now more versatile than ever. They can communicate a message to millions, create online communities, offer up powerful web applications, stream multi-media content and integrate your organization into the social media landscape. Strategically, it is vital to achieve online results – and Alteris Group has the experience, resources and understanding to help you achieve your web-driven goals that will help drive organizational growth.

Live Interactive Webcasts

Alteris Group’s in-house technology and infrastructure produces professional, high-impact webcasts. From HD video and CGI virtual sets to our green screen capabilities and Tri-Caster station – our team can plan, design, script, and produce your next webcast with a level of quality higher than the majority of webcasts online today.

Video on Demand

Video communications are in high demand. Alteris Group offers video hosting solutions and custom asset management tools, which include secure logins for your internal viewers as well as various resources for publically-viewed assets. We’ll ensure that your customized solution will communicate your brand, represent your organizational fingerprint, and demonstrate your company’s personality.

Mobile and Desktop Application Development

Creating a great application takes more than just programmers – it takes experience. Alteris Group will partner with you, understand your business and its needs, and then provide a turnkey solution for designing, hosting, and distributing your custom applications. We create platform agnostic applications – so whether your end-user is using a computer, tablet, or phone running Windows, iOS, or Android – we will create a solution that will run across all platforms.

Digital Learning Solutions

The realities of digital communication have created a need for people who understand the best ways to implement content development and delivery. Alteris Group possesses the expertise in training design and development throughout all delivery methods (e.g., instructor-led, web-based, e-Learning (LMS), webinar and mobile). With our extensive knowledge, we can position your organization with the required training to assist your teams with high-quality, digital resources.

Additionally, we are experienced with the development and delivery of seminars and virtual classrooms using a variety of product mediums. Our internal resources focus on the identification and testing of emerging technologies, which are routinely implemented after rigorous compatibility tests.

At Alteris Group, we follow principles of sound instructional design and a process of discovery, design, development, implementation, and evaluation to ensure that we provide effective solutions that will improve your employee-base performance on the job.